Va?�N A?a�?NG VUI KHa�ZE – SA?NG Ta?�O – Ka�� LUa?�T – TRA? DA?NG

TT THa�� Da��C Ba?�NG TA�MA�


La�SCH Ha�?C

A?P Da��NG Ta�? 15/08/2018

Ha�?c viA?n A�A?ng kA? 3 bua��i phA? ha�?p

  • SVA?A�Hoa L?� a�� sa�� 2 A?inh TiA?n HoA�ng, p.A?a Kao, Q.1.
Tha�� 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 7:00 a�� 8:00

16:30 a�� 17:30
17:30 a�� 18:30

Tha�� 7,A�CN 7:30 a�� 9:00
17:00 a�� 18:30


  • SVA? quA?n Khu 7 a��sa�� 2 Pha�� Quang ,p 2 , q TA?n BA�nh
Tha�� 2 a�� 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 7H00 a�� 8H00
17H00 a�� 18H00

18H00 a�� 19H00

Tha�� 7,A�CN 6H30 – 8H00

7H30 – 9H00

15H00 a�� 16H30

16H30 a�� 18H00


Trung tA?m dinh d?�a�?ng Tp Hcm a�� 180 LA? VA?n SA�, p10, PhA? Nhua?�n

Tha�� 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 9:00 – 11:00
T?� va??n bA�i ta?�p phA?t tria�?n chia�?u cao, gia??m cA?n.


Trung tA?m Hua??n Luya��n vA� Thi A?a??u TDTT TP. HCM

2 – 4 LA? A?a??i HA�nh, P.15, Q.11

Tha�� 2 a�� 3 a�� 4 a�� 5 a�� 6

16H30 a�� 17H30

17H30 a�� 18H30

Tha�� 7 a�� CN

7h30 a�� 9h00

8H30 -10H00

15H30 a�� 17H00



CA?C La�sP Ha�?C

CA?c khA?a ha�?c vA�

kickboxing a�� muay thai
VA� ta��ng ha�?p mma (mixed martial arts)
VA� ta�� va�� (self defend):

La��p ha�?c phA?t tria�?nA�chia�?u cao

CA?c A�a��ng tA?c A�??n gia??n ka??t ha�?p ma��t sa�� mA?n tha�? thao giA?p kA�ch thA�ch tA?ng tr?�a�Yng chia�?u cao

La��p ha�?c gia??m cA?n

GiA?p ngA?n nga��a cA?c ba��nh hia��n A�a??i nh?� ba��nh tim, ha�� tua?�n hoA�nA�vA� bA�o phA�

A?a?�t la��ch ha??n ngay A�a�? A�?�a�?c ha�� tra�? ta��t nha??t

Tin ta��c sa�� kia��n

Hello world

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